Self love is the choice to accept the self as magnificent… And never to diminish, even for a moment, the perfection of who we are…

Is there something you desire to create in your life?

  • Is it a sense of Inner Peace
  • Relaxation
  • Harmony and Balance
  • Healing on a physical, mental, emotional level
  • Finding purpose in your life
  • Clarity
  • A connection with a Higher Power

My name is Patricia Bateson, and it would be an honor to accompany you on your journey. My hope is to provide guidance, inspiration, and support to empower you and help you move forward on your lifes path. And yes, experience JOY and LOVE which is exactly what you deserve.

So come on along!

Pure Presence, Unity.FM – Bill Free

“Patricia Bateson, author of the new book Firewalk, describes some of the events that led to her own transformation, healing, and awakening to the truth of love’s presence. She is a dynamic speaker who brings her message from direct experience and a new awareness that is available for everyone.”
-Bill Free

I spent some time chatting with Bill Free on his program, Pure Presence! Listen here to us talk and share about the journey!

Andover Television – Eszter Vajda
I was interviewed on Andover Television recently – check it below!

Lawrence Community Access Television – Books & Authors
I was recently interviewed on this program about my book Firewalk; watch the full interview below!

Methuen Community Access Television
I was interviewed in December on MCTV – check out that interview here!

Voice America – Karen Leavitt Interview
In October, I was interviewed about my book, Firewalk, on Karen Leavitt’s show. Listen to our interview here!

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