Shining your light

  Have you ever wondered why you came to this Earth in the first place? Do you  ever ponder the thought,”what is my purpose in this lifetime or is there something else I should be doing but haven’t quite figured out yet?” BIG ?????????????? wouldn’t you say.

Do you believe that you are a lightworker? A lightworker shines their light on others to help them grow and evolve. There are soooooo many changes going on in the world in every facet that we can no longer deny. Everywhere people are asking the same question. What the heck is going on. It’s quite simple. It’s called the SHIFT.  This period in time is a momentous ascension for humanity into a more loving, compassionate world.  So much goodness will come from this.

If you are indeed a lightworker and feel a CALLING to assist on this mission, I invite you to join us.  Just say “YES”…… It will be a grand opportunity to inspire and enlighten other likeminded beings. Together we CAN make a difference on this planet.  We can change the world one spiritual being at a time!

In the very near future my sister Marilyn and I will be teaching a class on this very subject. Will keep you updated. Happy reading……..

Blessings and peace




© Patricia Bateson 2018
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