How is your new way of eating working for you? Do you notice anything different about your body and how it feels? Does it feel more vibrant, more alive? Do you have more energy?  It’s key to get in touch with sensations and symptoms in your body, because it is always speaking to you and letting you know if it is out of balance or if it feels fabulous.  All that is required is that you “listen.” 

If change has been somewhat of a challenge, no worries. Big steps, baby steps…. it’s all good. Awareness will open the door to a new way of being. Allow it to come in its own time and fashion.

Let’s being by talking about flax. Flaxseed comes from a flax plant. It is an excellent source of fiber, omega 3’s and lignans. Omega 3’s help boost immunity while lignans help remove excess estrogen  from the body. Fiber cleanses the colon and moves out toxins and carcinogens. About 80% of immunity is in your colon and that’s why it’s important to keep things “moving,” so to speak. Flax may be helpful with breast, prostate, endometrial and colon cancers. It can also help with depression and constipation which are common symptoms and side effects from  pain meds, chemo and the disease itself . I chose to forego tamoxifen and incorporated flax and supplements into my diet instead. This was with the guidance of a intuitive nutritionist. I asked my body first-listened-and then made a choice. That worked for me.

I purchased a small coffee grinder to grind the whole seeds. I would grind a couple of days worth.  I then put the ground flaxseeds either in fridge or freezer and used them on a daily basis. A tablespoon or two is what I initially used and again your body will let you know if that is the right amount. You can put the flax on cereal, yogurt or do what I did. I put the flax in a cup or water and drank it. Was the easiest method for me. Pills are okay too, but the seeds seem to stay fresher. A tablespoon a day is what I now incorporate into my daily diet and my colon is quite grateful. 

Decrease or eliminate coffee especially for women as coffee can block your lymphatic system which can lead to fibroid cysts and/or tender breasts. Use natural deodorants that are paraban free, preservative free and chemical free. “WHY????” Part of your lymphatic system is located under your armpits, adjacent to breasts. Your lymphatic system travels to other parts of your body and is an integral part of your body’s immunity. 

Supplements are quite a controversy when it comes to cancer but there is more data coming out, indicating that certain supplements may in fact benefit cancer patients. Selenium, vitamin D, vitamin C, probiotics, CO Q10 are a few of the highly touted ones. I have two important pieces of advice here: If you choose to go the supplement route, find a reputable naturopath or nutritionist to properly advise you. I have been seeing the same nutritionist for ten years and she has been instrumental in my healing. She is intuitive and she uses muscle testing to determine exactly what MY body needs.  Secondly, let your oncologist and medical team know exactly what supplements you are taking as there are a few that can in fact interact with chemo, radiation or other medications. It is surely possible to incorporate whatever you believe will support your body returning to homeostasis. Your belief in your treatment program should be nothing less than 100%.

Essiac tea is a phenomenal tea that contains four different herbs that support your immune system. If you go to the website you can read a great story of how this tea came to be. It is very powerful!!!

Gogi berries have some wonderful benefits such as balancing immune system, tumor growth inhibitor and reduction in toxic effects of chemo and radiation therapy and enhanced blood production. A few of them pack a punch so you don’t need to eat many of them. According to Chinese Medicine,  stop taking gogi berries temporarily if you are sick because your digestive system may be weak. If you take coumadin you may want to avoid these berries as the two combined can increase bleeding. 

Nurturing your body/mind/spirit is a big piece of the picture. At least, I think so anyway.  Taking care of YOU is what I want YOU to do.  Taking a hot bath with a cup of sea salt and a cup of baking soda will do you the world of good. This simple treatment helps detoxify the liver and it is a form of relaxation. Add a few drops of lavender oil too to the water. Calming is what lavender does- I will talk much more about oils in an upcoming blog.  When your mind relaxes so doesn’t your body and that has a direct affect on chemicals and hormones in a most positive way which in turn have an impact  on tissues, muscles and cells. You see, everything is interconnected and assists each other. The body is a beautiful mechanism when all is in “sync.” It for sure, can be!!!!

Tell yourself daily how much you love “YOU.” I know this might sound silly but it works. Just give it a college try!!! Look into your mirror when you’re brushing your teeth or putting on your makeup and just say the words. “I LOVE YOU” ________ (fill in your name.) You just might be surprised at what happens. It is quite freeing actually and may just put a smile on your face that will put you in a positive mood for the day. Yes…. I have done this and yes it has changed my outlook for the better. 

So much is possible on this journey. How you choose to look at it may be the key to healing. Be open, pay attention and listen to what your body is trying to tell you for your body is a grand teacher!!!


© Patricia Bateson 2018
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