Winning the battle against cancer is much more than eliminating tumor; it is about healing your life. Here are some keys to do that:

1. Stop “Awfulizing”          2. Take Charge          3. Rethink the statistics

4. Give only Informed Consent          5. Believe in “YOUR” program           

6. Heal Your Lifestyle           7. Think holistically             8. Drink lots of pure water

9. Eat with  Awareness           10. Walk daily           11.  Get more sleep

12. Find a Positive Support System           13. Heal with Your Mind          

14. Examine Your Cancer Beliefs                 15. Evaluate Your Self-Talk

16. Make Positive Affirmations                     17. Reduce Toxic Stress

18. Practice Visualization                             19. Understand the Message of Illness

20. Live in the Moment            21. Take Time to Play             22. Laugh Often

23. Evaluate Your Relationships                                 24. Practice Self-Discipline

25. See Life Through Spiritual Eyes                            26. Express Your Emotions

27. Practice Forgiveness          28. Exude Gratitude                 29. Love Unconditionally

                                           30. Hold on to HOPE

Select just one and start working on it today. I can only imagine where it may lead you on your journey.  I look forward to hearing back from you!!!!




© Patricia Bateson 2018
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