June, 2012


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  To all the wonderful medical people who have chosen to serve those of us who have been diagnosed with cancer. I thank you for all that you do to meet my physical needs. For it is of utmost importance that I receive my specifically calculated treatments as planned. You schedule countless scans, labs, and a myriad of tests to keep my cancer in check. These are all crucial in my physical recovery, but I want you to know that I have other needs as well. They are emotional, mental, and spiritual in nature. I choose to call this “holistic well being” as it encompasses the whole person. “ME”

I am a human being with feelings, thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Allow me to release that which keeps me awake for hours on end, in the darkness of nights, when I feel so alone. Hold my hand as I acknowledge my deepest fears. Lend me an empathetic ear, or just give me a hug when needed. Let us celebrate together when I share some wonderful news I have received from my oncologist, and let my tears flow freely when my news may not be so positive.

I am fully aware that you have so many tasks to accomplish in your busy day. But sometimes all it takes is a gently smile, a wink of an eye, or your soft nurturing voice that calms my spirit and eases my burdens immediately. You give me hope with your kind words and with your infinite wisdom and guidance I know I will persevere and get through this most challenging time in my life.

Your simple, caring gestures can make all the difference in a mere heartbeat. Please remember this physical body houses a soul and a spirit. I desire to be treated with every ounce of compassion that you can give me. Just to let you know, you are my lifeline and play a pivotal role in my healing process. I could not do this without YOU.  So, from the bottom of my heart I thank you for remembering all of “ME.”

This piece was published eight years ago in a book of writings from an amazing event for cancer survivors called “CELEBRATION OF LIFE.” I am now coming upon my ten year anniversary of having not only survived but thrived with this thing called cancer. 


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