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Hi everyone: another excerpt from my upcoming book…LOVE  your comments and especially love to hear your stories as well!!

Did you ever have a best friend growing up? No, not a person– a thing. Something you adored. I surely did, and her name was Corduroy, my very own stuffed animal given to me by my friend Stacy for my ninth birthday. The cutest pink bunny rabbit that ever lived, she was fuzzy and cuddly and ever so soft. Her ears were big and floppy and her tail was white as snow. Corduroy was my pal and I took her everywhere. What I admired most about Corduroy was her loyalty. Always there for me, through thick and thin, anything went with Corduroy. She was agreeable to whatever I suggested. Also, she never talked back, and I really dug that. We were darn good buddies. Completely trustworthy with my secrets, believe me, she heard them all.

We had some whopping good times together. I have a picture of us in my Deerskin Trading Post brown leather wallet. I take it out and look at it often, as it’s truly a treasure. Probably nine and a half years old in this picture, I’m only a smidgen older than her. Not by much, probably a few months, but I’m  still the oldest. I like not being stuck in the middle– just a weird notion of mine.

I get all mushy when I look at this picture of the two of us. Me with my play nurse cap on my head and Corduroy draped in a tangerine paint smock. Sitting quietly at the bottom of my bed, looking up at me with her huge black button eyes, Corduroys’s expression is one of pure affection as I tend to her needs. You  see, in this particular photo I’m playing nurse and she is my patient. In my imaginary world, Corduroy fell off her Huffy tricycle and got pretty banged up–needed medical attention immediately if I was to save her.

Serving others made me feel needed and wanted, and filled a void in my life. Made me feel like you wouldn’t believe, like I had a place in this world–like I mattered, like I was a somebody…

Did YOU have a favorite stuffed animal growing up???? Tell me about your experience.. what made your animal so special?? how did it comfort YOU?? Do you still have it today?? Which by the way… I think is way cool!!!!

Thanks for the feedback..if on this site.. you can leave a reply right below this article.  Love all your responses…I follow YOU too… just like you follow ME!!!

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