August, 2013


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Hi Y’all:

Hope you are enjoying the excerpts from my up and coming book.. lovin all your feedback. Here’s a little more to wet your whistle!!!

You know how I talked about my so called brilliant plan to become invisible in order to survive in my zany, wacky, crazy world. I guess I forgot to mention that this plan was not foolproof, not by a long shot. It backfired on me but good. Holy toledo, did it ever!

Have you ever heard the English Proverb, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t!” The devil I was about to become acquainted with was a monster. A downright insensitive, mean scoundrel, who loathed himself and others.

I had the pleasure of meeting this dude one steamy, hot summers eve. I was out on the town with my girlfriends and we were cruising down to Salisbury Beach to check out the sights. You know… the guys. We hopped into Lola’s  cherry red Ford Fairlane convertible and off we sped with the tunes a crankin. We thought we were hot stuff, seeing that we were sixteen and sophomores in high school.  Ready to rock and roll and party the night away.  Looking forward to a night of fun and frolic, and maybe some smooching to boot!

You see, I had met a new friend a few months back and we became immediate bosom buddies. Connected like you can’t imagine. Her name was ALCOHOL! I loved the calming effect booze had on me. I felt silly, happy, and oh so cool. I felt alive for the first time in my life!

The grapefruit mist went down way too fast this particular Saturday evening. I was buzzed one minute and completely trashed the next. Went from a giggle teenager to a spastic idiot in sixty seconds. I was seeing double of everything and it was wild. Real funny one minute, and downright horrifying the next. Peoples faces looked distorted and really creepy. All these weirdos were staring at me like I was an alien or something. That made me all agitated inside. My body was steaming up.. gettin ready to explode.

“Who are they looking at? How dare you gawk at me. Don’t mess with me because I will hurt you.” Nasty, nasty thoughts kept on coming. Rage was pouring out of my pores. I wanted to hurt someone and hurt em bad. My thoughts were racing. I could no longer see straight. A violent, irrational voice took over and told me what to do next….suffice it to say… the inevitable happened. I danced with the devil and it was not pretty!!



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