Happy New Year everyone:  May it be a year filled with self love… inner peace.. and radiant health.. may you prosper in ways you never imagined.. and may you give those seeking the same path!!

Enjoy the newest excerpt from my upcoming book. It’s titled “THE DARKNESS”…….enter only if you dare!!

I miss Mom terribly. I miss seeing her face and hearing her voice. Visiting my parents’ apartment proves challenging. Dad’s deerskin moccasins sit by the front door as usual and Mom’s beige Cherry and Webb pocketbook is perched upright on the kitchen table. Everything is as it should be, yet nothing is the same--it’s all changed drastically. No one greets me as I walk into the kitchen, and that’s the oddest feeling in the world. I pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming. I’m not.

This is my new reality. My whole world turned upside down, I’m reeling still from the craziness of it. I walk slowly from room to room as tears cascade down my cheeks. I glance up at our family wedding pictures on the wall and am overtaken by sobs. Good times, bad times, whatever kinds of times, they’re all history now…

Overwhelmed, I realize my parents are gone-forever. I must move on, keep a stiff upper lip — it’s all for the best.

Can you imagine how I felt that day.. wandering around my parents’  apartment in a haze of doom, despair, and despondency. Can you feel my pain? 

So.. YOU.. my audience…those of you that have followed along from the beginning of this storyline… first of all.. I think you know me pretty well by now...sooo…congrats…NOW… what do you think happens next… even 6 months down the road from my period of falling into that deep, dark abyss I just shared .. does Pat keep a stiff upper lip.. like she preaches…. Do tell.. what Pat did or didn’t too to move thru the haze of dust, cobwebs and some very huge spiders!!!! Use your imagination and if it’s crazy, chaotic or bizarre you’re probably right on track!!! Look forward to your feedback

© Patricia Bateson 2018
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