A big hello to all of you…. my friends

Hope your turkey day was amazing.. I know I enjoyed the simplicity and beauty of this holiday. Love and peace filled my heart to overflowing as there is nothing like comfort foods.. friends and family gathered together to remind me of what is truly important in life!! So many new memories created and so much nostalgia . I feel soooo… blessed!!!

I welcome you to read bits and pieces of the final chapters of my book as 2015 will be the year of publication. Woop-e-la!!!!! I have indeed grown as a spiritual being with the process!! Trust and faith have lead me down this path.. and next steps… will unfold in due time. It is breathetaking to experience life from this viewpoint!!

Sit back and enjoy this next chapter!!!!

Often there comes a time in life when the downward spiral of despair and despair brings one to that place known as “rock bottom.” Dark and dingy, its putrid stench and filthy air keep constant company with one’s pain and misery–they’re your loyal companions for as long as you stick around and they want nothing more than to watch you squirm and suffer. They delight in this–it amuses them in a sick, tainted way.

Hitting rock bottom is daunting and utterly exhausting. One loses the fight in this hell hole or refuses to be swallowed up by this beastly bitch and realized there’s nowhere to go from here but up. It’s the sheer willingness to give life another shot because you’ve literally got nothing more to lose…truly at a crossroad, I know in my heart that changes are necessary if I want not only to survive, but to thrive.

Who can I trust with my life? Who will guide me? Can I really begin anew?

The even more powerful question is this: Can I drag myself out of this snake pit? Is it even possible!! Do I give in and give up, or do I fight for my life!

Am I willing to expose myself, let people in, and trust that I am supported in life. I just don’t know… I don’t know how, and that perhaps is the scariest part!!! I have felt alone, helpless, hopeless and abandoned for so long. Perhaps, it is just too late for me.

Have YOU ever been at “rock bottom,” like I was? Tell me.. what did YOU do to pull yourself out out of  your hell hole? What do you think happened to ME.. what did I CHOOSE?

© Patricia Bateson 2018
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