In 2006 I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Edith Eva Eger at a wellness retreat for women cancer survivors, called Life Beyond Cancer. Dr. Edie is a world renowned author, psychologist and speaker who shares her tragic to triumphant story about her life as a holocaust survivor. Her journey has lead her to now.. tell her tale, speak her truth and empower others to discover their hidden potential and thus live their best life.

Dr. Edie lost both her parents to the hands of Dr. Mengele also known as the “angel of death.” Brutality on all levels nearly cost Edie her own life, but for the grace of God, she survived.

At this retreat, I learned so much from this incredible woman, and truly feel she helped change the course of my life with her words! I wish to share some of her heartrending messages with you now.

Dr. Edie’s mom told her as a child, “No one can take away from you what you put in your mind.” Those poignant words just may have helped save Edie’s life as she rarely allowed the “hell” of daily life in Auschwitz, to take her to the brink of despair. She allowed her mind to whisk her away to happier times, and her actions and thoughts were often about having compassion for the other victims. She states, “the worst conditions can bring out the best in everybody. Pay attention to the words you put in your mind so you can empower someone.”

In my book titled “FIREWALK,” I quote Dr. Edie with the following. “There are no victims in this world, only willing participants. YOU can change your life at anytime. And, instead of saying , why me?? say what now.”

These two statements, altered my life that day in the most profound way. For these words pulled me out of my fear and despair and catapulted me into a warrior taking action to heal her life. It was a pivotal moment that I will never, ever forget! I was no longer going to focus on the what if’s and instead put my energy and focus into my own health and well being. It indeed was a choice, but one I knew in my heart, I needed to make! No longer a helpless victim, I became a victor…. a manifestor. That day.. that infamous day, I incorporated resilient, courageous and hope into my daily vocabulary, which also penetrated my psyche.

Dr. Edie stated in her Ted talk, “the biggest concentration camp is in your mind. The key is in your pocket.” I was able to take that first step to unlocking my own potential and begin the journey out of  my own mental prison towards freedom. It has been one of the greatest gifts I have given myself!!!!

“Don’t allow anyone to define who YOU are. YOU are BEAUTIFUL because God doesn’t make junk.” This is what Edie conveys to her audience. I have to say, I couldn’t agree with her more!!! It has been a long, dusty, winding road, I kid you not.. but practicing self love is now part of my daily routine. Taking care of ME is a priority!!! It is not selfish, it is selfless~~

Today, I live in the present, for that is when I am truly alive. I celebrate the simple gifts in life which I reckon to be… extraordinary treasures. I am filled with gratitude for what life has taught me and the multitude of  blessings I have received. I have freedom, I have choices, and I own the key to unlocking my own potential. I am no longer a victim- I am a CREATOR and I consciously choose to create the most amazing life filled with joy, love and peace. It’s up to me.. no one else!!!!

I see life as my playground and I choose to have fun and delight in all that is. Magic and miracles are everywhere. Just open your eyes.. really open your eyes.. and you will see what this universe holds for you!! Life is really quite breathtaking, so enjoy the view!!!

You can read more about Dr. Eger in my book.. “FIREWALK” ( to order) and watch her on youtube (What my Mama told me.) It is Tedx La Jolla. She just may change your thoughts, your mind.. and potentially….your LIFE!!!




© Patricia Bateson 2018
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