Posted on June 24th, 2015

In 2006 I had the privilege of meeting Dr. Edith Eva Eger at a wellness retreat for women cancer survivors, called Life Beyond Cancer. Dr. Edie is a world renowned author, psychologist and speaker who shares her tragic to triumphant story about her life as a holocaust survivor. Her journey has lead her to now.. […]


Posted on December 1st, 2014

A big hello to all of you…. my friends Hope your turkey day was amazing.. I know I enjoyed the simplicity and beauty of this holiday. Love and peace filled my heart to overflowing as there is nothing like comfort foods.. friends and family gathered together to remind me of what is truly important in […]


Posted on September 22nd, 2014

Happy fall everyone: Enjoy my newest excerpt. I’ve got a feeling many of my YOU will get this.. as many wrestle with the infamous “monkey mind.” Mine was a bit overworked, as you will clearly see. Never the less, it helped me to see my “truth,” so I could heal. Forever grateful!!! So enjoy.. and […]

Demons, Devils, & Emotional Turmoil

Posted on July 28th, 2014

A great big HUG to all of YOU who have been supporting ME on this journey of mine. I have received so much love and positive feedback regarding my book that it is NOW time for a physical book to manifest!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! I am open to receiving your amazing.. positive vibes to assist me in […]


Posted on June 14th, 2014

Hi everyone: Happy summer (I think!!!) Enjoy this next excerpt from my upcoming book. Continue to  share your thoughts and feelings that my words may evoke in you!!! I love hearing from you all!!! Ever felt like you just weren’t getting something… I dunno.. like the lesson.. the meaning.. the clear perspective.. so life throws […]


Posted on April 9th, 2014

Happy spring everyone…I am filled with gratitude for that warm.. yellow ball of energy in the sky.. illuminating every cell in my body with it’s wisdom and love….For the later.. lighter evenings that have come to pass.. and for a feeling of deep renewal for sweet mother earth.. mankind.. for the world!!!! A new chapter of my […]


Posted on February 26th, 2014

Happy almost spring… I know I’m ready for blossoms, warm sun, green grass tickling my bare feet, and a delightful cup of pink lemonade to quench my thirst!!! Now.. doesn’t that sound delicious!! Another excerpt. ..from my upcoming book. I can already feel thoughts and emotions rambling and running high.. as many of you have […]


Posted on January 20th, 2014

Happy New Year everyone:  May it be a year filled with self love… inner peace.. and radiant health.. may you prosper in ways you never imagined.. and may you give those seeking the same path!! Enjoy the newest excerpt from my upcoming book. It’s titled “THE DARKNESS”…….enter only if you dare!! I miss Mom […]


Posted on January 3rd, 2014

Hi everyone….. Happy .. happy New Year to all…. may it be a time of joy and YOU let your light shine.. and be that creative expression of love that.. YOU are!!! I look forward to truly SEEING YOU!! MOTHERS…. the bearers.. nurturers…listeners.. lovers…supporters…protectors…A mother’s love is like no other… from birth to death… […]


Posted on December 1st, 2013

Happy holidays everyone… This blog is a fascinating and memorable one for me as I reminisce about the life and death of my father John White…It is with love that I share this.. it is my hope that you truly believe in your heart of hearts that miracles are always possible.. no matter what!!!! they […]

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