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Awakening To The New You – Online Video Class


Awakening To The New You is a video class available for download that teaches one to remember the divine love that they are. Bring your inner child out to play with exercises provided by Patricia Bateson, through meditation, reflection, and introspection. Pat takes you on a journey to get re-acquainted with your true authentic self, so you can share with the world the shining light that you are.

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How to stay grounded amidst the chaos

  • Have you been feeling nervous, anxious or depressed about what is gong on in the world right now?
  • Do you sometimes feel things are spiraling out of control in your life?
  • Have you noticed yourself and those around you concerned about daily events?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, now is the time for you to take action.Come find out how to empower yourself, feel more centered and calm in the midst of a chaotic life & world events. This is an oppurtunity for you to learn simple and yet life changing strategies that can bring serenity and peace into your world. This class is co taught with my sister Marilyn Hutnick. We have combined our knowledge and our experiences to create this amazing and powerful class.

Creating a Healthy You

Being healthy is not just about food choice. It is sometimes much deeper than that and is tied in with emotions and stress. This class is a 4 part series where Marilyn Hutnick and I will help raise your awareness as to why people choose to eat unhealthy.Tools and strategies will be given to assist you in breaking the patterns of unhealthy choices. A willingness to change is the beginning of a new “YOU”!

The Art of Forgiveness

Is there someone in your life you would like to forgive? Is it YOURSELF? During this class you will come to know what inner peace and healing on all levels can feel like by “letting go” of old hurts and resentments. Forgiveness is a most powerful tool to free yourself from heavy burdens which are weighing you down and perhaps causing physical or mental ailments in your life. Free yourself from needless pain and suffering. Instead let joy fill you up!

Fearless Living

This class is for anyone who has questions, concerns or just curiosity about what comes next after this life. It is a most thought provoking and potentially life changing class because once fears about dying are addressed and expressed, it can create inner peace, relaxation, a shift in perception and health. If you are on a spiritual path and desire to live your fullest life with integrity in the “here and now” I invite you to join me. An abundance of love, hope and support are the fundamentals of this class for we are indeed all on the “JOURNEY HOME”.

Tong Ren Energy Healing

Tong Ren is a form of energy healing for restoring health and vitality. Created by Tom Tam , Tong Ren seeks to remove blockage in the body, restoring the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Learn more about this incredible healing system and experience a “guinea pig” class for yourself.

Let Your Light Shine

Join us for a night of song and dance, affirming the greatness inside of YOU!

The Art of Loving You

What is your heart’s deepest desire? What fills you up? What makes you radiate from the inside out?

This class will take you on a journey of self exploration and assist you in finding more ways to love YOU!

Awakening To The New You

This class will teach you about self-love, and help you recognize how your thoughts/words can shape who you are. Tools will be given as to how you can begin to change your thoughts and beliefs, in positive ways!

Manifesting Your Reality

Allow me to be a guide in creating what it is you truly desire… from the INSIDE… OUT!

This class is a 2 part series.
Week 1: We will look at old beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you and your life, and release them… replacing them with new ones. All you have to bring is a willingness, 8×10 notebook, and a baby picture.

Week 2: Sharing your vision with others to foster and create your new amazing world and so much more! When we come together, we set the stage for the Great oneness to reveal itself. We synergize!

Relaxation Classes

This 4 part workshop is for anyone who has been diagnosed with CANCER and is seeking balance and harmony in their life. It is a known fact that stress can create havoc on the body, mind and spirit. I will share with you various relaxation tools to help allay your anxieties and create a peaceful inner enviornment. Powerful meditations and other healing modalities will help you feel more in control and able to make important decisions for your health and well being.

Creating Healthy Thoughts For Healing

There is more and more evidence that attitiude, beliefs, and emotions affect one’s state of health and the ability to heal from illness. Discover what beliefs you hold and learn to change them for a healthier you! This class is for anyone who has been affected by CANCER. This class is a 2 part series

Let’s Talk About It

This class is for cancer survivors and their caregivers. You will be given tips, suggestions, ideas, as to what to do and say to help your loved one with cancer. If you are the caregiver, you need support too. It is a hands on class as we all learn by sharing our own experiences. Engaging in a community such as this can aleviate much anxiety and bring a sense of peace and calmness to your life.

Delicously Nutritious

Are you aware that the foods you eat have a huge impact on your health? If you have CANCER this class will teach you why it is so important to eat right. Learn about foods that will nourish your body. You can make healthy choices and you will FEEL the difference.

Finding Purpose and Meaning After Your Cancer Diagnosis

If you have CANCER and are attempting to find meaing amidst the chaos this class is for you. We often hear how people turn their lives around in amazing and positive ways after a major challenge occured in their lives. Have you ever wondered how they did it? That is precisely what this class is for. Investigate your inner most desires and find out what it is that brings you joy. What makes your Heart Sing?! It is never too late to LIVE your best life. This class is a 2 part series

Angel Class 101

In this class you will learn all about angels, guardian angels and spirit guides. Come meet your very own guardian angel and experience the love and support available to you from the angelic realm.

Communicating with your Angels

Everyone to various degrees is psychic. Learn which method works best for you and then we will put it to the test. Yes, you will be given an oppurtunity to connect with your very own “Angel”. All you need to bring is an open mind and heart.

Playing With The Angels

Come learn and play with the angels. Get a special message, read a book and make your very own angel gift!
(Wings not necessary!) Cost of class is $20,00 Per child(includes all materials)

Angel play is limited to 8 children! Reserve your space NOW!

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