Firewalk Discussion Questions

1. What made you decide to read this book? Did you enjoy it? Why or Why not?

2. The author wrote about her life experiences as if she was sitting in your living room having a “conversation” with you. Did you enjoy this style of writing? Did you feel more connected with her as a result?

3. After having this “conversation” with the author, what qualities in her resonated with you?? Do you know anyone like her? Is she someone you would want to get to know better? WHY???

4. Why do you think the author was motivated to share her life story? For most of her life, Pat responded to life’s struggles, coming from a place of fear. How does she move from fear to love? Can you relate to this?

5. Women often hold the role of caretakers, leaving themselves last on the list. One of Pat’s biggest challenges was taking time to care for/about herself. Through the art of self-love, Pat was able to begin to heal her mind, body and spirit and ultimately transform her life. What are some of the things you do to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? Is it working for you?

6. Life can be difficult in many ways. Pat had several life challenges and coped by using a variety of healing modalities such as counseling, guided imagery, journaling, nutrition and acupuncture. How do you personally cope with life’s challenges? Could you be doing more?

7. As the Chinese proverb states, “IF YOU ARE SEEKING REVENGE, YOU BETTER DIG TWO GRAVES.” Pat speaks about the art of forgiveness and how it freed her on so many levels. Is there anyone in your life that you need to forgive? Has Pat inspired you to begin this process to forgive, let go and be free!!

8. Have you ever experienced a firewalk? If so, what was it like for you? Were you successful and was it life changing as it was for Pat? If you have never firewalked, would this be an activity that would be of interest to you? Do you think you would be an observer or a participant?

9. The author connects with the angelic realm after both her parents pass and she experiences cancer. Pat receives guidance, inspiration and wisdom from her angels.
Do you believe in angels? Are you interested in receiving encouragement from your angels? If your answer is YES…..go to

How do you view your life? Is your cup half empty or half full? Do you feel happy and fulfilled? Are you living your best life or barely living? There is a vast difference, I hope you see! The choice is ultimately yours. What will it be???

Download these questions as a printable document, for your book club.
© Patricia Bateson 2017
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