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Communicating with your angels

When? Thursday, 7/26 at 6:30pm
Where? 94 Bailey Rd, Andover

We are all gifted with psychic abilities in this infinite universe. Together, in this class, we will explore which intuitive practices works best for you. Yes, you will be given an opportunity to connect with your very own angel. See for yourself how awesome it is to receive guidance. An open mind and heart is all you need to bring!

Cost: $35


Angel 101 Class

When? TBA
Where? 94 Bailey Rd, Andover

In this class you will learn all about angels, guardian angels and spirit guides and how to recognize signs from them. Come meet your very own guardian angel and experience the love and support available to you from the angelic realm.   

Cost: $35


Awakening to the new you

When? Ongoing // Do At Your Own Pace
Where? Online

"Awakening to the New You" is a video class available for download. Bring your inner child out to play with exercises, meditation, reflection, and introspection. Pat takes you on a journey to get re-acquainted with your true authentic self, so you can share with the world the shining light that you are.

Price: $22.95